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Attention This page needs translation.

If you have an account on that wiki, please, help us to translate this page. If you haven't, send the translation to Frédéric

Thank you.

(To know which pages need translation, click here)

Our latest official version is Ancestris v. 0.9.
If you're norwegian, it's better to download the beta release as it has more norwegian support (we add the translations made by users as soon as we receive them). See below.

You can Visit the following pages for instructions on:


Ancestris runs everywhere.

Ancestris is available for all major operating systems: Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS. You'll be pleased to know that the same program will run unchanged across all implementations.


You run Windows (2000, XP, Vista, Seven, ...), click on the link below, and install it.
ancestris windows

(For Windows 8, download the zip package)

Windows 3D image


Ubuntu, Mint, Debian

Ubuntu 3D image

You run Ubuntu, here is a .deb file.
ancestris ubuntu

Do you want to add the Ancestris repository to your list of software sources?

Redhat, Fedora, Mandriva

You run Fedora, Redhat, Mandriva, ... an .rpm based system, this file is made for you.
ancestris rpm

Redhat, Mandriva, Fedora image

Linux .sh

A .sh file for Linux systems. You don't want a special distro package, this is what you could use.
ancestris linux (.sh)

Linux 3D image


Mac OS image

For those of us who run Mac OS, here is a .zip file. Our Ancestris compiled for Mac users.
ancestris osx


Ancestris is also available as a simple zip file, which gives you the possibility to install it manually, where you want on your computer.
ancestris zip

Zip File image

Beta release

This beta release has full support for swedish, finnish languages and more translated words in norwegian.

v. 0.10 Beta release - Zip File

If you need an .exe file (for windows), or a mac os file, send me mail.

To install that file, just download it, and unzip it to the location you want on your hard disk.

Then, using your Windows disk explorer or any other tools on other Operating Systems, look for a file named "ancestris.exe" (for Windows) or "ancestris" for Linux and Mac. This file is under a sub-directory (named "bin") of ancestris main directory (named "ancestris"), so /ancestris/bin/ancestris or ancestris\bin\ancestris.exe

For Windows users, if you unzip the file under your directory named "C:\My_Favorites_Programs", you will have ancestris executable under "C:\My_Favorites_Programs\ancestris\bin\ancestris.exe".

If you're running Linux, if you unzip the file under your home directory named "/home/my_name", you will have ancestris executable under "/home/my_name/ancestris/bin".
To run the program, you can use your files navigator, and you click on the file named "ancestris" you've just found in the sub directory "bin", or you open a terminal, you go to the place where you found the file ancestris and you fire it up. So to jump in the right sub directory :
cd /home/my_name/ancestris/bin
and you type : ./ancestris (don't forget to add the dot and the slash before the word ancestris...)

You speak norwegian? If so, please help us to translate that page into norwegian. If you don't know how to change a text on a wiki web site, send your translation to - Thank you.
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